Why Rest Is Important After a Sprain

An ankle sprain is a common injury that most people will experience at some point in their lives. In fact, more than 23,000 people a day see a medical provider for a sprained ankle, including athletes and non-athletes. Many more experience a sprain but don’t seek medical attention.

A sprain is an injury to one or more ligaments, which are tissues that connect your bones together. Most people sprain their ankles during exercise, but it’s also possible to sprain an ankle by walking over difficult terrain or jumping and landing awkwardly. 

You most likely have a sprained ankle if you have pain, swelling, stiffness, and bruising. In most cases, you can heal your ankle at home, but rest is imperative. Our expert podiatrists at Lake Ridge and Stafford Foot & Ankle Centers explain why rest is essential for the healing process.

Importance of rest after a sprain

The most important reason to rest after a sprain is because you can cause further damage if you continue to put pressure on it. Don’t try to push through the pain. When you’re in pain, your body is telling you to stop.

While the idea of resting your ankle and not participating in the activities you enjoy may sound terrible, but resting will speed your recovery. Many people fear that if they stop working out, they’ll get out of shape. However, if you continue to put pressure on your ankle, it can prolong your injury. A lengthy recovery will definitely derail your workouts in the future.

Don’t worry; rest does not mean total bed rest. It just means to limit your walking and movement whenever possible. If you need help, you can use a crutch or cane to help you get around. When you rest your ankle, your body can rejuvenate, and the natural healing processes take place.  

Other treatment options for a sprain

In some cases, however, a sprained ankle requires more than just rest. If the pain is getting worse, you are experiencing numbness, or can’t put pressure on your ankle at all, make an appointment with our team. 

Our providers can help you immobilize the area with a splint or brace and can also determine if the injury is more severe than a sprain, such as a fracture or torn ligament.

Do you think you sprained your ankle? Schedule an appointment with our team at Lakeridge and Stafford Foot & Ankle Centers with convenient locations in both Lakeridge and Stafford, Virginia. 

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