What Type of Shoes Are Right For Me?

When it comes to sports, exercise, and any kind of physical fitness, most people tend to focus on the activity itself. How many miles or gym visits to squeeze in every week, how much Gatorade and protein to consume to get through each workout, game, or race. In comparison, a decision as basic as what sneakers to wear can be something of an afterthought. But the shoes we wear - in and out of the gym - are much more than just a fashion statement. In addition to shoe size and personal tastes, factors like arch support and ankle stability determine whether we develop everything from heel pain and bunions, to a potentially sidelining injury like tendinitis or plantar fasciitis.

But how do we know how much support we need or the best type of sneakers to train for the next 5K? A trip to the podiatrist is the best place to start.

Foot and Ankle Care in Stafford and Lake Ridge

Why is arch support important? The podiatrists at Associated Foot & Ankle Centers of Northern Virginia, PC in Stafford and Lake Ridge, VA treat patients of all activity levels for a range of injuries and conditions. Many injuries and incidences of pain are caused by insufficient support, which can place excessive strain on the heels and joints. Depending on the height and position of the arches, some people require shoes with extra cushioning and support to maintain proper alignment. People with flat feet or low arches need shoes with more support, and may also require an insert (orthotic) to help lift the arches to avoid additional pressure on the joints, heels, and ankles.

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