Signs You May Have An Athletic Foot Injury

One of the most common athletic injuries has to do with your feet: the ankle sprain. And while an ankle sprain is one of the most common athletic injuries, others can occur. These include turf toe, a stress fracture of the foot or a broken foot.

When you experience a foot injury on the playing field or during practice, some mild to moderate injuries can be easy to try to pass off as something that will get better or that you can tough out. However, there are a few indicators that your foot injury warrants further medical attention - even if you can still walk on your foot. These include:

• Excessive swelling. If your foot is swelling and showing no signs of stopping, this can be the sign of a more serious injury. This is especially true if the swelling is so significant that you cannot move your foot easily.

• You cannot place weight on your foot. If putting weight on your foot causes intense, shooting pain or is so unstable you cannot put weight on it without being afraid you will fall over, these are concerning signs your foot injury is serious.

• Excessive bruising and skin discoloration. If your foot is discolored on a large portion of your foot or your skin is discolored, such as being bright red and inflamed, seek medical attention.

Some signs of an athletic foot injury may be less subtle, but also should be taken seriously. For example, you can experience a small foot fracture that causes pain for a few days, but may not have enough time to heal. This can set you up for a more significant fracture later on. We emphasize that our Stafford or Lake Ridge, VA patients listen to their feet and bodies, watching for pain, swelling or bruising. If you notice these symptoms, it is important to rest your foot and give it sufficient time to heal before resuming foot-pounding athletic activities that could worsen an injury.

If you suspect you may have experienced an athletic foot injury, call our Stafford or Lake Ridge, VA podiatrist’s office today!

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