Sports Medicine of the Foot & Ankle

By Associated Foot & Ankle Centers of Northern Virginia, PC
July 25, 2018
Category: Foot Care
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Foot and ankle pain and conditions are particularly common in athletes. In fact, half of the participants in an American Podiatric Medical sports medicineSociety survey reported that foot pain kept them from exercising or participating in their usual activities. If foot or ankle injuries keep you at home more often than you would like, a visit to the foot doctor may help you return to your favorite sport. The podiatrists at Lake Ridge and Stafford Foot & Ankles Centers in Lake Ridge and Stafford, VA, treat a variety of sports-related foot and ankle injuries.

What types of foot and ankle conditions are common in athletes?

Any of these conditions may make exercising or playing your favorite sport difficult:

  • Shin Pain: Pain can be caused by shin splints but may also occur if you have tendinitis, compartment syndrome, a tear or imbalance in your muscle or another condition. Continuing to run or workout despite the pain can lead to a stress fracture or worsening of an underlying condition.
  • Stress Fractures: You may be at increased risk of stress fractures if you participate in a sport that involves repetitive stress on your feet and ankles, such as tennis, soccer, running, basketball, or dance. Stress fractures can lead to complete breaks if you don't follow your podiatrist's advice and rest your foot or ankle.
  • Plantar Fasciitis: The tough band of fibrous tissue that connects your ankle to your toes can become inflamed if it's stressed. If you develop plantar fasciitis, you'll notice pain in your heel that's worse in the morning or when you begin walking after sitting for long periods.
  • Sprained Ankles: Some sprains don't improve after a few weeks of rest. If your ankle is still sore after a week or two, or you can't put any weight on it, it's a good idea to visit your Lake Ridge or Stafford podiatrist.
  • Achilles Tendinitis: Overuse injuries are often to blame for Achilles tendinitis in athletes. If you push yourself too hard, you may inflame or tear the tendon that connects the heel bone to the calf muscles.

How can a foot doctor help?

Your podiatrist can determine the source of your foot and ankle pain and offer treatments and strategies that will not only treat your current condition but help you avoid injuries in the future.

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