Is a Podiatrist Visit Really Necessary?

Most people don't really give much thought to the health of their feet and ankles until something goes wrong. Unless you suffer from consistent problems that affect the lower extremities, such as diabetic neuropathy, arthritis or even flat feet, scheduling an appointment with a Stafford and Lake Ridge podiatrist rarely crosses anyone's mind. Most people either trim and file their own toenails, corns and callouses, or pay someone else to do it - most likely at a local mani/pedi salon close to the office.

Podiatry Services and Foot Care in Lake Ridge and Stafford

But podiatrists actually provide many essential medical foot care services beyond treating an infected ingrown toenail or shaving down a bunion. The board certified podiatrists at Associated Foot & Ankle Centers of Northern Virginia, PC, in Stafford and Lake Ridge, VA handle a range of standard and emergency foot and ankle conditions and accidents, including:

A podiatrist is a specialist in treating conditions that affect the feet and ankles, and can usually offer more specific and targeted care than a visit to a general physician or the emergency room, depending on the condition.

Even basic podiatry problems like athlete's foot, fungal infections, or heel spurs are often made worse by putting off treatment until the symptoms become uncomfortable. People suffering from diabetes must make foot care a priority in order to avoid potentially serious complications. But all people can - and should - be aware of the health and wellness of their feet and ankles, and seek treatment for any symptoms or conditions out of the ordinary before they have a chance to progress and cause pain and potential problems with walking and movement.

Associated Foot & Ankle Centers of Northern Virginia, PC

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