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By Associated Foot & Ankle Centers of Northern Virginia, PC
March 15, 2017
Category: Podiatry
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Don’t let calluses make wearing shoes painful. Here are tips to treat and prevent them.calluses

Something feels a bit uncomfortable when you walk. You finally get home and take off those pesky shoes to see a rough patch of skin on the bottom of your foot. Chances are good you are dealing with a callus. While calluses are usually nothing to worry about for the healthy individual, our Stafford and Lake Ridge, VA, podiatrists offer up suggestions for what you can do to treat and prevent calluses in the future.

Treating Your Callus

You’ll be happy to hear that most calluses will go away on their own. However, there is one big thing you need to do to make sure that the callus heals as quickly as possible. You need to prevent the foot from coming into contact with any more friction or pressure. There are many ways you can do this. For one, you can stop wearing shoes that don’t provide enough cushioning and support, as well as wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose. The type of shoes you wear is a major contributor to calluses.

You can also protect this sensitive area of your foot by placing a non-medicated protective pad (e.g. moleskin) over the callus. Why should medicated moleskin pads be avoided? It’s possible for someone to not place the pad properly, which can lead to chemical burns on healthy, non-callused areas of skin. These pads are also not recommended for those with diabetes, poor circulation or nerve damage in their feet. If you have diabetes and develop a callus it’s important that you turn to your Stafford and Lake Ridge foot doctors for the proper treatment (do not try to treat the issue yourself).

If the callus is dry or cracked you can also apply a moisturizer several times throughout the day. To really make sure the moisturizer works its magic, apply it before bedtime and then place your callused feet in socks. If you find that these at-home remedies aren’t getting rid of your callus then it’s time to talk to us about other treatment options such as stronger creams that can get rid of your callus quickly.

Associated Foot & Ankle Centers of Northern Virginia is pleased to serve both the Stafford and Lake Ridge, VA, areas. If you are dealing with foot pain or other issues then it’s time to turn to us for the TLC your feet need.

By Associated Foot & Ankle Centers of Northern Virginia, PC
March 08, 2017
Category: Podiatry
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Prevent foot problems from happening to you in Stafford and Lake Ridge by following these simple rules of foot care.proper foot care

Without your feet you wouldn’t be able to get around easily or do a lot of the activities you love, and yet you wouldn’t believe how many people abuse their feet or just don’t know how to care for them. Our Lake Ridge and Stafford, VA, podiatrists are here to provide the basics for how to keep your feet healthy and happy.

Sport the Proper Footwear

We know it’s easier said than done but if you want to protect your feet from corns, ingrown toenails, hammertoes and bunions then you’ll want to take a good hard look at the kind of shoes you are wearing. Make sure you wear shoes that offer your feet enough room to move. Avoid shoes that have high heels or don’t offer enough cushioning and support. Always choose the proper footwear based on your activities.

Walking Can Actually be Good

It might seem that moving around may just put unwanted stress on your feet but your feet are made up of muscles that need to be worked out and used in order to stay healthy and strong. By walking each and every day you can help to build strong muscles in your feet and to keep ligaments and tendons flexible, which can reduce your chances of injury, sore arches, etc.

Keep Feet Clean

Sure, this should be a no-brainer but you wouldn’t believe how many people forget to wash their feet when they step into the shower. Washing your feet is important for removing bacteria and fungus. Think about how often your feet are trapped inside shoes and socks. Feet can also sweat, which can leave you prone to fungal infections. By thoroughly washing your feet with soap and water every day, you can prevent issues from happening to you.

Lather on Moisturizer

Harsh winter weather can cause some nasty dry feet but exposing feet to warmer climates can also strip skin of moisture. To combat this you should apply a moisturizer every day, particularly right after you get out of the show. This will help to seal in moisture to prevent scaling and painful cracking.

Associated Foot & Ankle Centers of Northern Virginia in Stafford and Lake Ridge, VA, is dedicated to providing thorough, comprehensive foot care to people of all ages. Call us today to schedule your next appointment.