Common Running Injuries

Running never goes out of style. In recent years, the popularity of recreational racing and long distance running has increased with the proliferation of relay races and marathons. And while getting regular exercise is critical for weight management and overall health, runners can be more prone to foot and ankle problems and injuries.

Common Running Related Injuries

Factors like general fitness levels, weight, and individual biomechanics all play a role in how likely a runner is to develop an injury. The most common running injuries are:

Sports Injury Treatment in Lake Ridge and Stafford, VA

The podiatrists at Associated Foot & Ankle Centers of Northern Virginia in Lake Ridge and Stafford, VA advise patients to think about injury prevention as the first part of the training plan. Taking a few common-sense precautions can often help to minimize the risk of some of the most common running and repetitive motion injuries. The first step in a running or physical fitness program is getting the right pair of shoes.

People with low arches (flat fee) can be more prone to injuries, and require a more supportive shoe or orthotic insert to maintain alignment and stability. Many people are not sure what type of athletic shoe is appropriate and instead shop for style, which can increase the risk of an injury. A podiatrist can perform what is known as a gait analysis, which involves walking in bare feet in order to determine pronation (whether the ankles roll inward or outward during movement).

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