3 Great Tips for Keeping Your Feet Healthy and Avoiding Athlete's Foot

Athlete’s foot is so common that about 70% of the population will develop it at some point in their lives. Despite its name, athlete’s foot can happen to anyone and can occur on any part of your body. However, it most commonly develops between your toes.

Athlete’s foot is a skin infection caused by an easily spread fungus. Fungus thrives in hot damp environments, so it’s not surprising that athlete’s foot is more common in the warm summer months. Damp areas like pools, lakes, shower rooms, and hot, sweaty footwear are breeding grounds for athlete’s foot. Symptoms include itchiness, dry skin, scaly skin, cracked skin, blisters, swelling, and redness. 

While athlete’s foot is a minor foot issue, it can develop into a more severe infection or spread to other parts of your body if not treated promptly and properly. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can keep your feet healthy and prevent athlete’s foot. Our team at Lakeridge and Stafford Foot & Ankle Centers, located in Lakeridge and Stafford, Virginia, has put together a list of three great tips to help you avoid this fungus. 

1. Keep your feet clean and dry

Your family will thank you for washing your sweaty feet throughout the day. Not only does washing make them less stinky, but it can also help prevent athlete’s foot. Wash them well with soap and water and then dry them thoroughly with a towel. 

2. Don’t walk around barefoot

If you’re walking the beach or on a deck this summer, be sure to wear shoes, preferably open, airy ones. This is especially true in public showers and bathrooms. Flip flops or other types of waterproof sandals are good choices for these areas. 

3. Change your socks regularly

Your best bet to avoid hot, sweaty feet in the summer, and decrease your risk of developing athlete’s foot, is to wear light, open shoes. When you can’t wear such casual footwear and need to wear socks, be sure you change your socks every time they get damp. And never re-wear socks. Many people think that if they only wear their socks for a short time, there’s no need to put them in the wash. Dirty socks should always go in the wash, even if they don’t smell bad. 

For more information on keeping your feet healthy and preventing athlete’s foot this summer, call Lakeridge and Stafford Foot & Ankle Centers for an appointment today. You can also request an appointment through this website. 

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